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Treatments available to enhance your facial structure.

The dehydrated skin. 


Dehydrated skin, or lack of water, can cause our skin to be dry, itchy and dull looking. Fine wrinkles may start to appear, while tones and complexion appears uneven. This is usually caused by external factors, such as weather, unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcohol consumption) and lack of water intake. 


How can we improve hydration? 

Apart from addressing external factors, Skin Boosters (containing hyaluronic acids) can be injected into the skin while Rejuran can be used to boost skin's own ability to retain water. 


Everyone faces dehydrated skin, but now we can solve it. 

Rejuran uses salmon's bio-compatible DNA polynucleotide to stimulate collagen production. This aids in collagen stimulation and skin hydration . >


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