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Treatments available to enhance your facial structure.

What are pores? 


Pore are tiny dots on our face and is usually more prominent over our T-zones. Each of these pores contains a sebaceous gland that produces and regulates the skin's oil. When pores are clogged, acne can be formed. 

What are the causes of pores?


There are several factors that causes pores enlargement:

  • Frequent sun exposure may damage the skin's collagen and elasticity that is important in keeping the pores tight.

  • Excess oil production may lead to accumulate of debris in the pores, making your pores look larger. 

  • Male gender

  • Genetics


Hence, it is also important to protect your skin with sun block and avoidance of thick make up. Pores can be treated with the following methods:


Finally, the answers to pore reduction is now here.

Rejuran uses salmon's bio-compatible DNA polynucleotide to stimulate collagen production. This improves saggy skin and reduce deep creases. >


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